No fucking respect.
"Friend": Hey, I heard you got a girlfriend.
Me: Yeah.
"Friend": Oh foreals? That's cool man.
Me: Yeah
"Friend": So you fuck her yet?
Me: What?
"Friend": Did you fuck her?
Me: No wtf? Why would I do that?
"Friend": Wtf nigga? What you mean why would you do that? That shit feels good.
Me: Okay and? Just because we're going out and shit doesn't mean I have to fuck her.
"Friend": I know but I thought you would have already.
Me: I'm not like that dude. I'm still a virgin too. I'm not even ready to do any of that yet.
"Friend": Wtf nigga? You're a little bitch haha. Pussssyyyyy
Me: Call me whatever the fuck you like man. I'm not tripping.
"Friend": You a bitch dude. Stupid ass nigga.
Me: Okay man. I'm a bitch because I respect females and you don't.
"Friend": They're not female, they're bitches
Me: Nah man, they're FEMALES. You're the bitch and a little boy. Grow the fuck up and learn how to respect females. You're on some little kid shit. You're being an immature little fucktard. Don't be mad because I can be patient and wait for sex. I don't need that shit right now. Get the fuck away from me man. I didn't know you were like this. I feel stupid for calling you a friend.